Freeman Industries

Think of us as your Fractional CTO.

Virtual CTO

We work directly with startups who have found PMF to accelerate your businesses.

Our work and advice is high quality and we are up-front about our value.
Consultations are always free and confidential.

Day rate: £750 / day


Our team is based in London & Shanghai and works remotely.


We came up in the UK startup scene & like helping other founders succeed.
Very proud that we've played a small part in our friends' successes:


Started consulting, couldn't keep away and Nabil became co-founder & CTO. Now a 7 figure business.


Designed & built UI for first version of the dashboard. Acquired by in 2019.
Implemented designs on their web & mobile apps early on. Now a 7 figure business.


Nabil founded Matchchat and was CPO & front-end developer. Bought by Snack Media in 2015.


A podcast with people who took the path less travelled and succeeded.