I build software and solve problems for early stage technology companies.

The person I can help the most is a founder who has found product-market fit and needs to scale their business with tech.



I came up in the UK startup scene. Everybody I've worked for I know really well and I'm proud that I've played a small part in my friends' successes:


Started as a contractor and then joined JM and Natasha as their co-founder. It's now a 7 figure business and we're just getting started.


Designed & built UI for first version of the dashboard. Acquired by in 2019.
Implemented designs on their web & mobile apps early on. Now a 7 figure business.


I started Matchchat and after it was bought I decided to take a break from being a founder.

Rates and Charges

Planning & Consultation: Free

Design & Development: £600 / day